Claudio Ottaviano (born July 12, 1985) is an italian jazz musician, composer and producer, native from Sicily, now based in Milan.

In 2013 Claudio released "Notturno", his debut album, with Tino Tracanna and Michele Franzini.

In 2014 he performed around Europe with Sugarpie And The Candymen.

In 2015 Claudio released "Let it Swing" by Sugarpie And The Candymen and performed with Renzo Arbore at Concerto Di Natale RAI and other national TV and radio appearances.

The same year Claudio released his second album as leader "Aurora", recorded with Antonio Zambrini, Tino Tracanna and Roberto Paglieri.

Among different albums released in 2016 featuring Claudio on the bass there is "Canyon" by Antonio Vivenzio.

Now Claudio is performing live, working on new ideas, reading books, walking, shopping, cooking fishes and pasta, playing old dos games, seeing people, watching retro movies, living... doing his best to enjoy life and to respect the Earth.